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Dedicated to Friends and Families

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Angels of Rhode-Island is a space to celebrate the lives of those we have loved, cherished and lost in the West Warick fire.

It is here to commemorate their life story, their accomplishments, the people they touched in their lives, pictures, poems, writings, awards, and messages from those they loved and left behind.

Their life story will be available here for viewing all the time, so you can come and spend some time with a friend and/or loved one.

All memorials will be constructed free as requests are made. This site does not cost nor will it ever charge for the creation of a memorial. I will do all I can to make a memorial to your loved one something that will give comfort and pride for years to come. A memorial here will be available for future generations.

I am currently asking that family or friends send in photographs or any other material relevant to capturing the memory of their loved ones, include birth date. Please send the information to alanmariotti@worldnet.att.net or call 508-463-8779. If you notice any errors please email me to let me know

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What To Send:

  • Photograph of Loved one
  • Birth Date
  • Detailed Biography
  • Photographs of Friends
  • Photographs of Family or Family Members ( click here for sample)
  • Accomplishments - Digital Samples (click here for sample)
  • Stories written by Family Members and Friends

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To view in progress memorials click on a name below that is underlined. Components will be added as received. Once your memorial is complete E-Mail will be sent upon completion.

Louis Alves

Kevin Anderson

Stacie Angers

Christopher Arruda

Eugene  Avilez

Tina Ayer

Karla Bagtaz

Mary H. Baker

Thomas Barnett

Laureen Beauchaine

Steven Thomas Blom

William C. Bonardi

Kristine Carbone

Richard A. Cabral Jr

William Cartwright

Edward B. Corbett III

Michael Cordier

Alfred Crisostomi

Robert Croteau

Lisa D'Andrea

Matthew P. Darby

Dina Ann DeMaio

Albert  DiBonaventura

Christina DiRienzo

Kevin J. Dunn

Lori K. Durante

Edward Ervanian

Thomas Fleming

Rachael Florio-DePietro

Mark A. Fontaine

Daniel Fredrickson

Michael Freselo

James Gahan

Melvin Gerfin

Laura Gillett

Charline Gingras-Fick

Michael J. Gonsalves

James Gooden

Derek Gray

Pamela Gruttadauria

Skott Greene

Scott Griffith

Bonnie L. Hamelin

Jude Henault

Andrew Hoban

Abbie L. Hosington

Michael Hoosgasian

Sandy Hoosgasian

Carlton "Bud" Howoworth III

Eric J. Hyer

Derek B. Johnson

Lisa Kelly

Tracy F. King

Michael J. Kultz

Keith Lapierre

Dale Latulippe

Stephen M. Libera

John M. Longiaru

Ty Longley

Andrea Mancini

Keith A. Mancini

Steven Mancini

Judith Manzo

Thomas F. Marion Jr.

Jeffrey Martin

Tammy Mattera-Housa

Kristen McQuarrie

Thomas Medeiros

Samuel Miceli

Donna M. Mitchell

Leigh Ann Moreau

Ryan M. Morin

Jason Morton

Beth Ellen Mosczynski

Katherine O'Donnell

Nicholas Philip O''Neil

Mathew J. Pickett

Carlos L. Pimentel Sr.

Christopher Prouty

Theresa Rakoski

Jeffrey Rader

Robert L. Reisner III

Walter Rich

Donald Roderiques

Tracey Romanoff

Joseph Rossi

Bridget Sanetti

Rebecca Shaw

Mitchell Cameron Shubert

Dennis Smith

Victor Stark

Benjamin Suffoletto

Linda Suffoletto

Shawn Sweet

Jason Sylvester

Sarah Jane Telgarsky

Kelly Vieira

Kevin Washburn

Everett T. Woodmansee

Robert Daniel Young






Photo's of On Location Memorials

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