Albert DiBonaventura

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Albert DiBonaventura, 18; dreamed of being rock star

Albert DiBonaventura dreamed of being a rock star.

Al had so many outstanding qualities. He had achieved more than most teens his age. He was extremely talented in so many ways. He was an excellent musician as well as writer and promoter.

He had a vision for the future. His plan was evident. He wanted to be a successful entertainer. His passion for music was overwhelming.

He was also creative in his artistic abilities. He enjoyed sculpting and computer graphics. His imagination was brilliant. He was so exciting to be around. (Never a dull moment) the enthusiasm he emanated was contagious. I loved listening to his plans for the future, with a twinkle in his eyes, a grin on his face; always so very serious about his dreams coming true.

Al enjoyed meeting new people who shared his interest. He wanted so much to travel and pursue his dreams. I visualize Al carrying his heavy amplifier down the hallway, out to the car on his way to the next gig. He and his band members played teen night at local clubs in R.I. Al and the guys (James

and Brian) loaded instruments and equipment into their vehicle, so anxious to perform. There was no stopping them. They traveled to upper Mass to professionally create their CD. Al was so proud of the recording.

 Al's friends wrote about him in a "Memories Book". The one quality that stands out most about him is that he was such an "inspiration" to so many people. He was a good listener. He always encouraged friends to pursue dreams and overcome obstacles. His friends said he was always there for them. He had a positive attitude. He always offered a helping hand. Al had his "own wqy of doing things" and he was respected for it.


Al will be deeply missed. Life will never be the same without him. Al's memory will be eternally with

those of us that loved and cared about him. His music will play forever in our hearts.

Six guitars hang on a wall in one room of his parents' house in North Dighton, Mass. Music posters dot another room. Images of guitars are even part of the carpet design.

DiBonaventura, 18, was a guitarist with 18 Stars, a band that played at The Call and other Providence clubs.


But he wanted more, his brother, John "Patrick" Ring, 35, of Plymouth, Mass., told The Providence Journal.

DiBonaventura wanted to move to California and play gigs in Los Angeles clubs where the great ones paid their dues.

"To be a rock star -- that's what he wanted to do," his brother said. "For as long as I can remember -- as soon as he picked up a guitar."

He liked classic rock and the harder-edged music that followed.

He planned to study computer graphic design at a college in California, and had already used his computer-graphics skills to design the cover for his band's CD.



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