Beth Mosczynski

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Beth Mosczynski


Beth Mosczynski's office is empty now, free from its desk and computer and in-box. Except for a few plants and a comfortable chair or two, it's going to stay that way, as a place for quiet reflection. It wouldn't be right to just move someone else in, her co-workers said.

"She would love for people to have somewhere to find that peace, that serenity," said Kim Gamblin, who worked with Mosczynski for 15 years at Temp-Flex Cable, a Grafton wire and cable manufacturer.

Mosczynski, 33, started working at Temp-Flex Cable after graduating from Sutton High School in 1987, and "worked up the ranks from day one," Gamblin said. She had been working as a quality coordinator, Gamblin said.

"She was such a strong person and a hard worker," she said. "She was always willing to help out. If she saw a need, she was there."

Mosczynski grew up in Sutton and had lived in Millbury for 10 years. During her years at Temp-Flex, Mosczynski became more polished and mature, exhibiting more leadership over time, according to Gamblin.

"She was very good at smoothing over problems," she said. "She watched out for everyone."

Those who knew Mosczynski well described her as "the glue" that bonded friends and brought family together at holidays.

"She would give you her heart and soul," Gamblin said.

Other friends spoke of Mosczynski's generous spirit, love of children, and deep affection for her two sisters. Her death "is a great loss to everyone who knew her," one close friend said.



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