Eugene Avilez

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Eugene 'Gino' Avilez, 21; rock 'n' roll his passion


When Eugene "Geno" Avilez of Burlington, Mass., was driving with his friends Derek Gray and Scott Dunbar to the Great White concert at The Station nightclub last week, the CD player in his car broke.

So the trio chatted the whole way about music and all the concerts they had been to.


Avilez, 21, and Gray, 22, both died in the blaze.

"We had a lot of good memories going down to that concert that night," Dunbar, 24, told The Boston Globe. "We got to talk."

Dunbar met Avilez and Gray, who were best friends in high school, at 1980s hard rock club concerts. All three were passionate about the hard rock scene and would try to go to as many shows as they could. They were big fans of Great White.

"We were the ones that were always in the front row singing to the words of every song," he said. "They were my heavy metal buddies."

Dunbar said Avilez had been working at a Starbucks in Woburn, Mass.

"They were fun loving and absolutely the best people," he said. "I thank God that I was able to become friends with both of them."

source Providence Journal


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