Jude Henault

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Jude Henault 37 Mother and Role Model

Jude Henault, 37 from lisbon,CT, who also died with her boyfriend Sammy Miceli, also 37 from Lisbon was a dedicated mother of three and employee of Foxwoods Casino.

 My mother was a beautiful and inspiring woman. She left me myself(20 yrs old), my sister(12 yrs old) and my brother(11 yrs old). At just 17 years old and pregnant with me, she did all she had to do to make sure I had a great life. Which meant leaving me to live with my grandparents until I was 8 years old. And raised me being a single mom for a while to come.

She then remarried and gave birth to my siblings. She was a dedicated mom. Always at the kids soccer and basketballs games and my sisters track meets. My mom being a teenage mom, never did graduate from high school, and when she came to mine she just could not stop crying, she was just so proud of me to succeed the way I did, with the hard life I had lived. She was happy to see me not follow in her footsteps. Although she had hard teenage years, she still managed to become a very successful and inspirational person. 

I got married 4 months before she passed away. I gave her a months notice. And even within one month she managed to make my wedding the most beautiful and memorable day of my whole life. She decided to cook a whole dinner for 80 people a week before the wedding. It was amazing. People's mouths drop when they find out I am 20 and married, but everything happens for a reason. If I did not get married when i did, my mother would have never been there to see her oldest daught get married. My siblings lived with my mom and Sam. So they experienced a double loss.

The all went to Disney World together and did so many things. My mom, myself and my little sister all spend that day together. Little did we know, it would be the last time we saw her. I am a hairdresser and I spent my day of work coloring my mom's hair and my sisters. She left that day saying, with a chuckle" Hey we had a mother daughter day...all three of us." And hours later she was gone. I never imagined I would have to plan my mom's funeral at 20. With her being divorced and the children minors, I was the next of kin. It was the hardest thing I have ever and will have to do. She will be missed terribly forever, by everyone.

Attached are pictures from my wedding..in the one with 5 people it is my mom, me, my brother, sister and husband

in the one with the 4 girls it is myself, mom, sister and my best friend who called my mom "MOM" for 6 years

and in the one with just 2, it is my mom and sister



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