Mitchell Cameron Shubert

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 A Poem by Maryanne Shubert

I looked into the mirror

And what did I see?

A reflection of my father

Staring back at me.

I love with all of my heart

The reflection that I see.

Of that gentle, loving man

Staring back at me.

He has given me so much,

That I can never repay.

His kind soothing voice,

In my head, I hear everyday.

The way that he held me,

After I had a bad dream.

God it felt so safe,

Silly to most, I guess it would seem.

He used to chase monsters,

From underneath my bed.

When he came home from work,

He would lift me up over his head.

He taught me how to find,

The right path to walk along.

To stand up for what I believe,

No matter who thought I was wrong.

He has always given me strength,

When I felt I could no longer stand.

Reaching out to hold me,

Lending me his hand.

In all the years Iíve known him,

He has never let me down.

Always there to serve and protect,

A real father in him, that is what Iíve found.

I look just like him,

All of my life Iíve been told.

So pardon what I have to say,

Because to you it may seem quite bold am thankful,

That I have his nose dimples and smile.

This man has given me everything,

Good grace, character and style.

So the reflection in the mirror,

Is a reflection that makes me proud.

I look just like my dad you see,

Itís like walking in Heavenís clouds.

As I stare into the mirror,

I will always be able to see,

All the goodness of my father,

Looking back at me.







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