Samuel J. Miceli

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Samuel J. Miceli Jr.

Lisbon, Conn.

Although Great White was not his number one band, Samuel J. Miceli Jr., of Lisbon, Conn., couldn't refuse the free tickets offered by a local radio station. He and his longtime girlfriend, Jude Henault, also of Lisbon, went together to the concert. Both died in the fire.

Miceli's co-worker Suzy Police picked up his tickets from the radio station on her way to meet him for lunch recently. She had known Miceli for a few years and said he was "very devoted to his family, his girlfriend, and her kids."

"He would do anything for anybody he knew," she said. "Whenever he was working close by, he always made sure to call and ask if I needed anything for lunch."

When the 37-year-old Miceli wasn't busy working in the home improvement section of Tri-State Window Distributors Inc. in Montville, Conn., he loved being outdoors, spending time with his family, listening to music, and attending live concerts -- always with a smile on his face, said Police. "He went more for the music than he did for the night life."

Police said she went to a Dave Matthews Band concert with Miceli and Henault once, and remembers him urging the three to move forward into better seats.

Raymond Kane, co-owner of the Lincoln Inn in Norwich, Conn., said he and Miceli called themselves the "eagle brothers" after going together to get eagle tattoos when they were 18.

"He was a happy-go-lucky guy," Kane said.



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